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Insane Labz Strain - Product Review

Moving onto the second round of the pre-workout reviews I am doing for this month; we have the Insane Labz pre-workout known as Strain, and it seems to help make sure you do the exact opposite of its name.

About the product:

Strain follows your typical pre-workout formulation when it comes to its makeup. It is a heavily stimulated pre-workout mixture that is designed to really drive and push your focus and energy levels during a gruelling workout.

Now when I say that it is heavily stimulated, I do not just mean that it has a high concentration of caffeine. Strain contains both caffeine and yohimbine, two extremely potent stimulants that when working together in tandem give you an insane rush of mental stimulation and drive. To compound the mental alertness affect, there is a healthy dose of l-tyrosine; a potent amino-acid and nootropic that is used to help the body produce adrenaline.

In terms of your performance enhancers, you have beta-alanine and taurine. Together, these substances are known to stave off muscle fatigue and allow the muscles to produce more contractile force. Both are greatly beneficial during heavy lifting sessions.  


I find that Strain mixes and goes down very smoothly compared to a lot of other pre-workouts out there. I chose to get the blueberry flavour and it tasted great. The taste concentration is quite potent though so I would recommend using a healthy dose of water when mixing it if you are not too keen on strong flavours.

Furthermore, Strain mixes rather well with water. There is hardly any of that foamy texture after you mix it in, and it blends quite well with the water in terms of mixability. If you do use less water however, you will taste the powdery texture of the pre-workout. So, if that is not something you enjoy then, again, I suggest using a healthy serving of water.

The beta-alanine concentration in here is quite high so expect a short bout of paraesthesia (commonly known as the buzz). But, if you are choosing to take this pre-workout then I am betting that this is something you are looking for or, at the very least, something you do not mind.   


Strain has a serving size of 8,6g (which is one level scoop). Pretty easy dosing for a pre-workout but please try to avoid using this at night or you will struggle to get sleep that evening. It also recommends taking no more than 1 scoop a day. I say try adhering to the guidelines but there are some real gym-junkies out there so proceed with caution if you do plan on taking more.


As a stim-based pre-workout, this gets a solid 4/5 for me. It is a great product and I thoroughly enjoyed my time using it. Out of the 3 pre-workouts for the month, this one goes down as my favourite.


Insane Labz Strain

Take Your Workout To A Higher Level - With STRAIN

You know that Insane Labz makes the best pre-workout supplements.  Now, they're taking that reputation to the next level with Strain pre-workout, infused with nextHemp.

NextHemp, the mood and recovery enhancing active ingredient in Strain:

  • Does not contain THC
  • Is WADA approved
  • Has been shown to help speed recovery and reduce inflammation
  • Will NOT get you high