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Ladies Training Programmes - Bundle Pack [eBooks]

AR Fitness
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Who Are These Programmes For?

Level 1

This programme has been designed for beginners - the ladies who are new to training and don’t have a lot of, or any, experience when it comes to physical exercise.

Level 2

This programme is more advanced than the Level 1 Programme. To ensure the basic movements are performed correctly and your body is ready to take on the additional workload of Level 2, it is advisable to start at level 1.

Level 3

If you have completed the Level 1 and Level 2 programmes, you will be ready to take on the Level 3 programme. It is a bit more challenging than Levels 1 and 2 to help you improve your fitness level.

What Can I Expect To Achieve?

The aim of these programmes is to get you comfortable with various movements and slowly get you into an exercise routine. We will slowly build you up to feel more confident about yourself, as well as get you feeling stronger, fitter and healthier.

What Is Included?

  • 3-Day, 4-Week Training Programme (Level 1)
  • 4-Day, 4-Week Training Programme (Level 2)
  • 5-Day, 4-Week Training Programme (Level 3)
  • 7-Day Meal Plan Guideline
  • Access To The Private AR Fitness Instagram Page

Do I Need Access To A Gym?

No, you do not need access to a gym to benefit from these training programmes. The workouts can be performed in the comfort of your own home or outside in the garden.

What Is The Purpose Of The Private Instagram Page?

When purchasing any AR Fitness Training Programme, you will be given exclusive access to a private Instagram page which serves as a library of videos for every single exercise, warm-up movement, cool-down movement and stretch mentioned inside the programmes. Angie will show you exactly how to perform every single movement correctly so that you can ensure you achieve the maximum benefits of each exercise and avoid injury.


Please note that these are digital programmes which take the form of eBooks. After completing your purchase, you will be able to download these programmes onto your computer, tablet or mobile phone. These are not physical products.