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Magma Thermogenic [100 Caps] Stimulant Based Fat Burner TNT Mercury

TNT Magma Thermogenic

Stimulant Based Fat Burner
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MERCURY HARDCORE MAGMA thermogenic is a ultra high potency thermogenic cutting compound. The constituents featured in this product have shown significant metabolic and energy surge responses. Thermogenisis is an extremely effective mechanism to increase fat burning potential and metabolic function. The new TriCore™ Pyrophoric Thermal Conductor with ThermoCore™ has been re-engineered to target 3 aspects of fat burning potential. Since every individual is different, this approach enables a "no miss" theory to MERCURY HARDCORE MAGMA Thermogenic's 3 tier formula, which places every individuals response towards burning fat, energy output and anti-catabolic experience on the same level.


  • Start-up serving size is one capsule. A gradual increase of up to but not exceeding 4 capsules is advised to assess tolerance over 8 weeks.
  • It is strongly advised to not exceed recommended dosage. A recommended cessation of 2 weeks is advised before re-commencing the usage of MERCURY HARDCORE MAGMA.
  • Do not take 6 hours prior to sleep. The dosage requirements may vary dependant on body mass and physiological sensitivity experienced. MERCURY HARDCORE MAGMA is best taken on an empty stomach 30-40 minutes before exercise.


This product should not be used by people who display a high sensitivity to stimulants. MERCURY HARDCORE MAGMA Thermogenic is best used for fat loss in conjunction with a calorie restricted diet and cardiovascular exercise regimen. MERCURY HARDCORE MAGMA Thermogenic induces potent thermogenic activity and as a result, increasing water and electrolyte intake is advised to compensate the body’s fluid loss from perspiration during exercise. Drink at least 3 litres of water per day.

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