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USN Casein Protein [800g] Whey Blend USN Chocolate

USN Casein Protein [800g]

Casein Protein
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USN’s Casein is ultra-premium micellar casein with added Aminogen to optimize the absorption of protein. Casein is a slow-release source of protein that preserves protein stores for muscle gains. USN’s Casein is lacto-vegetarian friendly and naturally gluten-free. No added soy, non-GMO and antibiotic & BST free so you can rest assured that you are consuming a top-quality product!

  • Slow Release Protein for Muscular Growth & Recovery
  • Help Spare & Protect Lean Mass
  • With Aminogen for Optimal Protein Digestibility & Absorption

25.2 g


1.6 g


5.2 g



    25.2 g Protein = 2 Scoops

    • Mix ±2 scoops (32 g) into 250 ml water,
      and stir or shake well.
    • Water may be substituted with 250 ml low
      fat milk, which will add 8 g protein and
      0,8 g leucine per serving.


    Water may be substituted with 250ml low-fat milk, which will add 8g of protein and 0.8g of leucine per serving

    Nutritional Facts