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Health & Fitness

  • CLA 101 - What Are The Benefits?

    CLAs are a supplement that have garnered a tremendous amount popularity with the diet crowd in the last twenty years or so. But how is it that they work and are they really as beneficial as they are made out to be? Let’s have a look. 
  • Keto 101

    In the most recent years, the ketogenic diet has been the talk of health and fitness magazines, media published articles and well-known figureheads. It has been the spotlight of media attention as a front running method of weight loss. I have encountered so many people who have all tried the keto diet and I am quite sure that many of you guys know at least one person who has tried this method of fat loss dieting.
  • The Benefit Of Taking Supplements

    The supplement industry has grown astronomically over the last few decades and you would be hard-pressed to not find even basic supplements in a normal grocery shop. However, with their ever-growing rise in popularity, and even with new and more innovative supplements coming out year after year, some people are still extremely sceptical about whether supplements are just a gimmick, or if they actually have a role to play in our health and fitness journeys.
  • How To Stay Lean During This Holiday Season

    Summertime is officially here, and you know what that means - holiday food in the plenty, drinks all around, extravagant breakfasts and ice-cream ...
  • Getting A Grasp Of Macros

    At some point or another in your journey to fit and healthy, you will have heard the term “macros” being used. Fitness influencers, coaches, the gym-boet you know from your local Virgin Active and many others have all used this term at some point or another when talking about the nutritional aspects of losing weight or building muscle. But what are macros exactly and how do they affect our goals? Let us have a look at this aspect of nutrition in a step by step manner.
  • Fire It Up! Fat Burner Basics

    We all know that choosing a fat burner can be a monumentally difficult task and just a downright headache when you do not know what you are looking for. Playing a game of trial and error when selecting fat burners can end up being a massive waste of money when your body either can not tolerate them or just does not find them stimulating enough.
  • Meal Replacement 101

    Time to shine some light on a supplement that garners an extreme amount of misunderstanding in the health, nutrition, and supplement industry: The Meal Replacement Shake.
  • A Useful Supplement Guide For Women

    If you are a lady who is considering using supplements for the first time or you have just been working your way through shelves trying to figure out what works then pay close attention to this article. As a newbie to supplements, it would be extremely wise to slowly build on what is generally easy for the body to handle, allowing your body to adjust before adding to your selected stack.
  • The Pre-Workout Lowdown

    There is no talk about serious lifting and high-level fitness endeavours without the discussion of pre-workout rituals and supplementation involved. Pre-Workouts are one of the most popular supplement types that you will find on store shelves and it seems that almost every few months, a new pre-workout mix is created and launched by various companies for avid gym-goers to try out.
  • Verdict: Useful Or Not? The Controversial Truth About BCAA's

    On the topic of its usefulness, the jury is sitting between a solid divide when it comes to BCAA’s (or Branched-Chain Amino Acids) and their effectiveness. Some swear by it and say that they are an excellent supplement for muscle building or muscle retention (depending on whether you are building or cutting). Others say that they are garbage and a complete waste of time and money. 
  • Wheying Up Your Options

    Welcome to the 21st century: where supplements are in abundance, types vary, and confusion is rife. This obviously holds true when it comes to protein powder options as well. There are so many different types and assortments, each with their own claim of how they differ from the other. So, we are going to delve into the various assortments and give you a better understanding of what you see on the shelves, what you’re looking for, and what may be the best fit for you.
  • The Critical Link – The Importance of Vitamins and Minerals

    Multivitamins have easily become the most widespread form of supplementation across the globe. Particularly here in South Africa, you are able to find them not just in pharmacies and supplement stores but also in supermarkets as well. Additionally, they are not just media hype or a blown up fad by the publicists. They are extremely valuable and serve to aid a variety of key bodily functions and processes. Let us delve in and take a closer look.