HealthTwin Scoops

Our Loyalty Programme - HealthTwin Scoops - rewards you for every purchase you make through our online store! For every R1.00 you spend online, you will earn 1 Scoop (Scoops are Loyalty Points) and when you accumulate enough Scoops in your account, you can convert them into discount codes to put towards future purchases!

How To Earn Scoops

  • Create an account: 2 500 Scoops
  • Complete online purchases: 1 Scoop per R1.00 spent

How To Use Scoops

To use your Scoops, you need to accumulate a minimum of 5 000 Scoops in your account. You can them convert them into discount codes as follows:

  • 5 000 Scoops for a R50 discount code
  • 10 000 Scoops for a R100 discount code
  • 15 000 Scoops for a R150 discount code
  • 20 000 Scoops for a R200 discount code

To learn more about HealthTwin Scoops, view your Scoops balance or convert your Scoops to discount codes, click the "HealthTwin Scoops" tab in the bottom left corner of your screen.