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Product Reviews

  • VitaTech CoQ10 - Product Review

    In this product review we are going to have a look at a very peculiar supplement called Coenzyme Q10, otherwise known as CoQ10. It is a supplement that not many people have heard of, but it does have a rather impactful number of purported benefits that can really help you. Let’s have a look.
  • Pharmafreak CBD Freak - Product Review

    We are going to have a look at a surprise product this week. It is a product that is relatively new to the market due to its recent legalisation but also managed to absolutely smash its way into health and fitness stores with unprecedented popularity: Cannabidiol or better known as CBD. I got hold of the Pharma Freak version to get a feel of this product for myself.
  • SSA Supplements Superior Cal-Mag+ - Product Review

    Cal-Mag is dietary supplement that has gained a tremendous amount popularity as a supplement that is a great aid for bone strengthening and alleviating muscle cramps. SSA Supplements has come out with its own brand of Cal-Mag and I decided to give it a go.

  • Vitatech Liver Support - Product Review

    It is no surprise that taking liver health into account has become a priority in the health and fitness industry over the last decade or so. Many people are starting to pay more attention to what they consume and make efforts to try and keep their liver functionality in order. As such, Vitatech has developed a product called Liver Support and I decided to give it a run.
  • Slender You Carb Blocker - Product Review

    Slender You brings you another dietary weight control supplement with its Carb Blocker that uses 2 ingredients that are quite effective, one which is popular and the other which is quite peculiar. The first is Garcinia Cambogia and the second is a substance known as white kidney bean extract. The combination of the two is quite lovely.
  • Grenade Carb Killa High Protein Bar - Product Review

    Grenade is a brand that has an amazing range of products on the supplement market that work as great tasting replacements for various products which they pack with high amounts protein and low amounts of carbs instead. For this review we are going to have a look at the Carb Killa Bars. Spoilers, this product gets a spectacular review
  • TNT Hydro-Cell BCAA 3:1:1 - Product Review

    Hydro-Cell is a great product to use when you are in a deficit or are cutting for any particular purpose and looking to retain all your hard-earned muscle. This 3:1:1 formulation makes it excellent for retaining muscle and giving you enough of a protein synthesis spike to overshadow muscle protein breakdown for the duration that it is being used.
  • Nutritech CreaTech Loaded - Product Review

    Creatine supplements have been around for a long time and you will find no shortage of them no matter where you go. Pre-workout, post-workout, or ...
  • Nutrex Liquid Carnitine 3000 - Product Review

    In recent years, carnitine and all its forms have received quite a bit of spotlight in terms of its uses and its role in fat loss. The simple claim that had been thrown around was that it was this miracle fat loss tool that could melt away your fat like butter in a hot pan. However, a large number of critical supplement users and sceptics were quick to turn around and say that what had been claimed was not the reality and that carnitine was a useless supplement for fat loss. 

    So, what is the deal?

  • Nutritech NT Isolate - Product Review

    If you have not already, go have a look at the protein powder article here on the Health Twin page for the lowdown on various whey protein supplements. For this review we had a look at whey protein isolate. Whey isolate is a more refined, more micronised form of whey that packs with it the added benefit of having more protein in it per 30g serving. I gave the Nutritech Whey Isolate a shot this month and I was pleasantly surprised.  
  • Slender You Craving Buster - Product Review

    The Slender You Craving Buster is a rather innovative weight control supplement that is designed to help you stave off cravings and keep your hunger levels in check. It works by taking two ingredients designed to assist in weight management and combine them into a single product that can perform just this function.
  • NPL Intra Load - Product Review

    Intra-workout nutrition has become a hot topic in recent years and supplement companies have launched a whole host of various intra-workout products for people to choose from. I am a massive fan of having intra-workout cocktails that incorporate both simple carbs and BCAA structures into it so I decided to give the NPL Intra Load a try.