Lean Muscle Training Programme

For those looking to put on muscle but stay as lean as possible, a careful and conservative approach is required. You will be towing a fine line between preventing unwanted fat gain and just putting on lean muscle on your frame. The following programme is a 5-day a week programme. 

Supplement Recommendations

You will be walking a fine line between gaining muscle and keeping fat off. Making sure you are well stocked but within bounds is a necessary component in making sure that you put on lean muscle without going too bulky and soft.

In terms of supplementation, the following is what you will need.

Must Have:


Terminology Explained

  • DB: Dumbbell
  • BB: Barbell
  • Reps: The number of times you perform the full movement of any given exercise. Example: If you do 12 dumbbell bicep curls per arm, you've done 12 reps.
  • Sets: The number of times you complete a set amount of reps of an exercise. Example: if you're looking to complete 4 sets of 12 reps of dumbbell bicep curls, you will complete 12 reps (that's 1 set), rest, complete 12 more reps (that's 2 sets), rest again, and carry on in this fashion until you complete 4 sets.
  • Tempo: The speed (in seconds) at which you perform each phase of any given movement. There are 4 phases: eccentric phase (lowering the weight), 1st pause (the pause at the bottom of the movement once you've lowered the weight), concentric phase (lifting the weight), second pause (the pause at the top of the movement once you've lifted the weight.) In practice, a 2-0-1-0 tempo squat for 12 reps means this: Take 2 seconds to slowly lower the weight / squat down, do not pause at the bottom, take 1 second to lift the weight / stand back up, do not pause at the top, repeat this for 11 more reps.
  • Rest: The time (in seconds) for which you should rest after completing a set of any given exercise, before starting the next set or the next exercise in your programme.

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