Test Boosters 101

If you have ever been serious about packing on some serious muscle and boosting your performance in the gym, then the testosterone boosters on supplement shelf isles have looked real inviting to you at some point or another. So, we will have a look at what they are, what they do and break down their viability for you so that it is a little easier for you to understand.

Testosterone Basics: 

Testosterone is an essential hormone found in both males and females. It is a hormone that plays a key role in sex drive as well as ensuring healthy reproductive function in males. It also affects bone density and muscle mass, in addition to contributing to the way men store fat in their bodies, and even plays a vital role red blood cell health and production. Testosterone levels have been inextricably linked to mood levels in both men and women and thus have an important role in managing this aspect of behaviour as well.

In men, the testicles are the organ that primarily makes testosterone. In women, it is their ovaries that make testosterone. However, the amount of testosterone produced in women is significantly less than that in men. Production of testosterone starts to increase significantly during puberty and begins to dip after age 30 or so.

The constituents of a supplemental testosterone booster are ingredients that are extremely safe. These will range from various natural plant extracts to key minerals and vitamins that work together in combination to have internal testosterone increasing effects.

Benefits of Increasing Test Levels:

Benefit 1 – Heart and blood health are key for our everyday survival. Optimizing the functionality and health of these areas would significantly improve the quality of life of those seeking to take testosterone boosters. By increasing our red blood cell production, we provide the body and muscles with more oxygen which boosts performance and significantly strengthens cardiovascular health. As a by-product of this, the risk of a heart attack is decreased markedly as well.

Benefit 2 – Fat loss and muscle gain are two key areas for wanting to take a testosterone booster. A basic rule of thumb is that testosterone is a corner stone in the production and development of muscle tissue. Low testosterone levels have been linked to muscle loss and lower strength levels. Additionally, low testosterone levels have also been linked to higher levels of fat storage and poorer energy optimization. In other words, more test equals more muscle and less fat.

Benefit 3 – Bone mineral density is an essential part of our every day lives and functionality. As men get older, their testosterone levels drop and subsequently, their bone density lowers as well. This could potentially lead to serious cases of osteoporosis. It is absolutely key that bone density stays high as they are needed for muscle and organ strength and, therefore, for athletic functionality and performance as well. 

Benefit 4 – Better libido is better health. Having higher levels of testosterone is largely connected to having a higher sex drive. Therefore, it stands to reason that a testosterone booster would work in and improve this area of your life (in both men and women). However, it should be important to note that erectile dysfunction disorders have not been exclusively linked to low testosterone levels and can therefore not only be addressed with increased testosterone levels.

Benefit 5 – Higher levels of testosterone have been shown to elevate mood levels and really help improve the quality of your life. If one has lower levels of testosterone, they are likely to feel mood related symptoms like fatigue, depression, and irritability. There is still research being done into the increase of testosterone as a viable treatment for depression but results so far are looking promising.

So, who should be using them?

Off the bat, testosterone boosters work for everyone. And I mean EVERYONE. This includes both men and women. There are benefits to taking testosterone for both sexes and the safety and efficacy of them without unwanted side effects is extraordinarily reliable. And no, women do not need to worry about growing excess hair or having deeper voices because testosterone boosters do not work that way.

Now, if you have read the 5 benefits above, you would come to the logical conclusion that the older you get, the more you might find yourself in need of taking a testosterone booster to aid with the inevitable dip in testosterone, and subsequent side effects, that your body will take and experience. Therefore, it is recommended that the older you get, the more test management and boosting you will most likely need.

On the other hand, though, if you don’t have these issues and you really actually just would like to boost your performance in the gym as well as make additional gains in the process, then by all means, add a testosterone booster to your monthly stack. As I stated above, they are safe for everyone to use and can be used to aid in remedial methods as well as be used for recreational pursuits as well (packing on some good muscle and lifting heavy things).

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