The Benefit Of Taking Supplements

The supplement industry has grown astronomically over the last few decades and you would be hard-pressed to not find even basic supplements in a normal grocery shop. However, with their ever-growing rise in popularity, and even with new and more innovative supplements coming out year after year, some people are still extremely sceptical about whether supplements are just a gimmick, or if they actually have a role to play in our health and fitness journeys.

Here are the top four reasons why dietary supplements are beneficial and how they can help you.

1. Filling in the gaps

When it comes to our daily dietary habits and intake, there can often be a lot missing in terms of what we need to progress (whether that is to get bigger, stronger, faster, fitter, etc). A good example of this would be people who generally do not have a lot meat or sources of protein in their diets. A certain amount of protein would need to be consumed for an individual to inevitably reach new heights in terms of their performance levels. Not having an adequate amount of protein would cause your body’s protein breakdown rate to exceed its rate of protein synthesis. This is growth 101. And no, this does not only apply to bodybuilders but to athletes in every field. Performance is greatly dependant on recovery and adaptation and these processes cannot be achieved without an adequate amount of protein consumed daily.

Now this example above does not only apply to protein but to other nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals. Just because your diet is generally clean and healthy, does not mean that your food is providing you with an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals needed for your body to function optimally. This is where supplementing the gaps with a multivitamin and various other stand-alone vitamins can play a tremendous role in filling in the missing pieces.

2. Convenience

In our current day and age, the hustle and bustle of work and business keeps us ever busy and finding time to sit down and have a full course meal in the middle of the day is nearly impossible for most individuals. This is where certain supplements and similarly designed products can help keep us on track. A large majority of the population would opt for a quick and easy on the go snack so as not to take too much time out of their busy days. This generally leads to snack indulgences like packets of crisps, pies, chocolates, etc. These foods are often chockfull of fats and unnecessary calories. However, a protein bar or even just a regular protein shake is enough to keep you on track and filled enough until you have time to sit down and have a real meal. The calories are low, the nutrients are quality and the bars generally contain a healthy dose of fibre so as to keep you feeling satiated for a good amount of time.

Additionally, this same rule applies to vitamins and minerals. The amount of food needed to get in your required macro and micronutrients does not appeal to the portion of the population who are not big eaters. It is much easier for them to supplement with quick and easy shakes and dietary pills instead. This allows them to continue to move forward with their goals, hit their dietary targets and stay safely within the convenience of their lifestyles

3. Support in physical endeavours and performances

Gym goers, athletes and sportsman all require their bodies to be performing at peak efficiency almost all the time. A lot of a person’s performance levels comes down to their dietary intake, sleeping habits and recovery schedule. However, that small edge needed to push one just a little further comes in the form of performance boosting supplements. These supplements include things like pre-workout drinks, intra-workout shakes, caffeine and creatine. 

If you go back and have a look at the other articles on our site, you will see a host of articles discussing and laying out the innumerable benefits of the products mentioned above. Your recovery, your increases in strength and physical performance, your mental sharpness as well as staving off fatigue levels during physical activity can all be addressed and provided for with the appropriate supplements. 

4. Providing immune system support

It is common knowledge that, despite you getting healthier and stronger through exercise and physical activity, your body takes quite a knock during strenuous activity and, as a result, your immune system becomes compromised and vulnerable for a period of time. This where the necessary components of vitamins and minerals come into play. Making sure you have enough of the essential micronutrients can really help beat back any sort of illnesses you may catch when your central nervous system and immunity has taken a knock from all the hard work. 

Once again, if you have a look through our other articles, you will find one that deals with the benefits of multivitamins and minerals and how they can help keep you healthy and stave off any sicknesses you may catch during periods of strenuous activity. And no, a simple multivitamin is not enough. Often times they provide you with the bare minimum of micronutrients and you will need to provide yourself with additional vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, zinc and magnesium just to make sure you recover correctly and provide your immune system with support it needs.


All in all, are supplements the be all and end all of your health and fitness goals?

Certainly not.

There is no beating a healthy dietary approach and adopting good eating habits and healthy food choices. However, they do go a long way in SUPPLEMENTING your progress and ensuring that what you need and are perhaps missing is there for you to use.

Supplements are widespread and varied. It comes down to evaluating what you are missing, what would make your life easier and selecting the necessary products that can address those key areas.

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