Barbarian Nutrition Beserk NOX - Product Review

About the product

Barbarian Nutrition has hit the local scene in a big way this year, it's no surprise as they are utilising more international patents and making products that sell. Berserk NOX is a pre workout with a twist, it’s not your traditional stimmed pre workout, but it's not stim free. Of course the biggest expectation is blood flow as it does have "NOX" in the name. With a rounded formula on focus, pumps and performance the label is decent although some aspect could be better especially at its price tag.

The energy and focus on Berserk NOX is decent and long lasting with no crash or jitters. Pumps and focus are again good, but not as good as it could be.


I had the pink lemonade flavour, it was fair to say that this tasted very good in my opinion - definitely one of the best tasting flavours I've had. This has a waxy like texture but mixes up pretty decently.


Utilise 1 scoop (17g) with 300ml water, consume 30-45 minutes before your workout. A tingling sensation over your skin will be felt thanks to beta Alanine and a chunk of niacin.


If you are looking for a lower stim pre workout with very good endurance and performance this is for you - definitely something different, so props to a Barbarian for that. For me this gets a solid 3.5/5

Author: John Cook


Barbarian Nutrition Beserk NOX

Barbarian Nutrition Beserk Nox is the ULTIMATE in Nootropic Technology and PUMP enhancements. With mental focus like never before, Skin Tearing Pumps and Insane Strength!

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