Barbarian Nutrition Untamed - Product Review

Our next pre-workout review is from Barbarian Nutrition. Their pre-workout formula called Untamed was really a lot of fun and quite enjoyable. It wasn’t over the top nor did it feel like a lacklustre powder mixture that was just thrown together 

About the product:

Untamed is pre-workout formula that is actually very straight forward and simple in its make up. It has 3 focus points of performance boosting and the relative ingredients to go with it.

Its strength and endurance focus portion is largely based on beta-alanine and creatine. Both are extraordinary ingredients in their own right and are a staple of any good pre-workout. The caffeine will ensure that your muscles are able to push heavier than normal while the beta-alanine will work at making sure that your point of fatigue is prolonged.

The Nitric Oxide (where you get your pump from) portion is fuelled by agmatine sulphate and beet root extract. Beet root extract is a pretty popular ingredient used in many pre-workout mixtures for excellent pumps.

The energy portion is provided by its focus point, caffeine. With 300mg of caffeine in this mixture, you can be sure that will have crazy amounts of energy to keep you going throughout your session.


Untamed has a unique flavour profile. It is somehow both strong and mellow at the same time. That intense powder flavour isn’t present that you’d find with most pre-workout mixtures. The serving portion is also really small, so you don’t have to lace this mixture with a lot of water in order to get a smooth consistency going.  So, in terms of taste and mixability, this pre-workout is actually very consistent and easy to swallow.

Due to the high caffeine content, if you’re a light sleeper then I recommend that you try avoiding taking this pre-workout too late into the evening.

Additionally, because Untamed is actually pretty moderate with the rest of its ingredients, I would not put it past many to try double scooping this pre-workout every now and then. Just keep in mind that it is high in caffeine, so either you might get a headache from too much caffeine at once, or your caffeine tolerance will adapt really quickly to this, and the caffeine may lose its stimulating effects. Either way, just be careful and try not to double scoop too often.


Barbarian’s Untamed pre-workout has a serving suggestion of 1 level scoop. That is 7.3g of powder mixture. However, as mentioned earlier, double scooping once in a while may help if you need the extra kick. It says 15 minutes before training, but I would recommend a good 30 minutes at least. Digestion and absorption don’t happen that quickly.


This pre-workout is really designed for people who are looking for a moderate kick but aren’t looking for something is overboard. And that is great for the majority of population. It also leaves room to be double scooped if you want something extra as well. So, I give this pre-workout a rating of 3.5/5.

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