Cream of Rice - Product Review

So, we have done a review of cream of rice previously but anyone who is in the health and fitness in South Africa knows that a new brand of cream of rice has been sweeping the nation by storm. And that brand of cream of rice is Crème Supreme. There have been an innumerable amounts of rantings and ravings on social media about the quality and taste of this product, so I just had to give it a go and test it out myself. 

About the products:

As most of you already know, cream of rice is basically white rice that has been thoroughly grounded into a fine powder like state. Once cooked with an adequate amount of water, it reconstitutes into a fluffy yet smooth white porridge/cereal mixture.

Where, Crème Supreme differs slightly is the fact that it has natural flavouring ingredients that allows it to be a variety of flavours that are able to choose from, and trust me, these flavours are really fantastic.

The only gripe I had with the product was that the ingredients listed on the product and on their official website seemed to differ, where maltodextrin was once present on the package but seems to be absent on the website. Also, there was a caloric difference between the label on the product and the website again. I would need to get a new pack of Crème Supreme to see if that has been addressed or not as mine could have been from a previous batch that hadn’t been updated or something like that. If you are a pedantic calorie counter, yes, this matters. If you have it purely for the enjoyment of the product, this doesn’t affect you in the slightest.


Firstly, the texture is absolutely fantastic. There seems to be very little to almost no lumps when making this as opposed to regular cream if rice.

The flavour has been nailed as well. I had the white chocolate raspberry flavour, and it was bang on. The sweetness and sharpness came through absolutely perfectly for the flavour it is meant to be (because sometimes flavours on the label yield products tasting something a little different).

The concern here though is whether you have an extraordinarily sweet tooth or not because it is quite common to mix your whey protein with cream of rice. However, because this brand of crème of rice already comes its own flavour profile that is able to stand on its own without the flavouring assistance of a cream of rice. So, if you add a whey protein to the cooked product, the overall dish becomes extremely sweet. Some people may find this off putting and others might be elated from the extra sweetness. It just depends on the individual and whether you are customarily used to mixing your whey with cream of rice or not and whether you can continue to do so or not without feeling weird about it.

In the event that that you are caught up in the conundrum I mentioned above, just buy their plain flavour. The texture has already been nailed so no doubt that the mixture will come out great.


The recommended serving size of this product is 50g. However, this is really all dependant on how much Crème Supreme you are feeling for or what your specific diet prescribes in terms of calories and macros. There is no upper limit to how much you can or should have. It really is just a simple and easy source of carbs to use at your leisure. Remember to take flavouring into account too.


Overall, this product gets 4.5 out of 5 for me. I have a massive, sweet tooth so this and my vanilla whey went together perfectly. It was extremely sweet though and not everyone’s cup of tea I would imagine. A few little grips and gripes here and there keep it from being a perfect 5.

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