Insane Labz Psychotic - Product Review

This is the second Insane Labz pre-workout I have managed to test and review. Like the previous one, Strain, this one packed a great kick but had a little more to offer in terms of its stimulant factor.

About the product:

Like Strain, Psychotic has a very standard pre-workout make up, but it does, however, have more in it than its counterpart.  Both are stimulant pre-workouts, but Psychotic goes a step further in terms of providing you with the ingredients needed for you to truly get more out of your training sessions.

Psychotic provides you with 4 main stimulant ingredients that are designed to help push you mentally and, subsequently, physically as well. In a similar fashion to Strain, Psychotic has caffeine and yohimbine as its main power duo. These two really work to give you one of the best rushes you can ask for to drive you in a workout that requires that level of intensity. However, the stimulant effects do not stop there. They are further compounded by an additional two ingredients. These ingredients are Dimethylamylamine (or DMAA) and creatine (yes, for the purposes of this review, we will consider creatine as a stimulant due to its direct conversion to ATP and the subsequent stimulant effects).

When it comes to ingredients that work directly to physically boost your performance, you have beta-alanine and creatine (yeah, creatine does it all). You get the effects of prolonging muscular fatigue and boosting muscular endurance and strength all at once. This will allow you to really have the edge in a workout.


Insane Labz has an eerily effective way of ensuring that their pre-workouts mix and go down smoothly. Strain was easy to handle, and Psychotic is really no exception. Obviously, you will feel slightly more of kick from Psychotic. The fruit punch flavour was actually quite tasty when mixed with a good amount of water. I personally tend not to enjoy pre-workouts that have an overbearing flavour, so I just use more water to dilute strong tastes. This one was not too overwhelming though, so it scored a decent number of points for that.

Disclaimer like with my Strain review - The beta-alanine concentration in here is quite high so expect a short bout of paraesthesia (commonly known as the buzz). But, if you are choosing to take this pre-workout then I am betting that this is something you are looking for or, at the very least, something you do not mind.   


Psychotic has a serving size of 6g (which is one level scoop). This makes it a pre-workout that does not use a copious amount of powder to get what you need or to mix with large amounts of water. So, it is pretty easy to mix and get down. Again, if you struggle to sleep, try to avoid using this at night or you will be fighting your body to chill out and get rest. Douple-scoopers, this is a very stimulant heavy pre-workout mixture. You have been warned.


This pre-workout gets another solid 4/5 for me for its potency. This was another knockout shot from Insane Labz and since I was struggling with energy levels this week, this really helped me out.

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