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Mass gainers are the original go-to supplement for any hard-gainer looking to put on size and get the calories in that they need to supplement and support their muscle building pursuits in the gym. However, it is not only for the hard-gainers but can be useful for those on the bulk who struggle to eat a lot of meals and need to get a calorie dense replacement in instead. So, in keeping with the theme of using calorie stacked supplement, we decided to have a look at the Mutant Mass and give that a shot.                     

About the product:

As always, it is prudent to note that this mass gainer is specifically designed with the task of loading you up with an extremely high and dense number of calories in one go. And that is a good thing if you are someone who struggles to put on size or just do not enjoy the idea of forcing down large meals in frequent succession. After all, with the right amount of stimulus, when the number of calories in exceeds the number of calories out, your body then has the materials need to build new muscle.

Like a typical serving of any mass gainer, you can expect to be getting in around 52g of protein and close onto 200g of carbs.

The use of carbohydrates here comes in the form of maltodextrin and waxy maize as well as other starchy ingredients such sweet potato powder and rolled oats. One might actually find this to be a weird mixture but there is an awesome twist to this make up.


Just to run off the last point, the website, which is listed on the product, sends you to webpage where viable recipes that use this product are up from their customers to use. The carbohydrate blend of this product makes it very easy to use this mass gainer as a key ingredient in making delicious, high-calorie, high-protein baked goods, amongst other tasty treats. Using the mass gainer in this way, will make it a lot easier and enjoyable to get those calories in a daily basis if you are looking to bulk up.

If you want to just have it as a shake or a meal replacement, I recommend using half the prescribed amount of powder and mixing it with milk for a creamy texture and sweet taste. You can also choose to use water if you wish, but it obviously won’t taste as delicious.

Furthermore, if you are someone who is on-the-go, using this a quick form of getting much needed calories would definitely be recommended.


Mutant Mass has a serving size of 4 scoops. This is quite clearly a bucket load of product and bombshell worth of calories.  So be mindful with how quickly you want to put on weight and how much of this gainer you would like use at a time. The faster you put on weight, the faster you tend to put on fat. So, keep an eye out on what you look like and be careful not to bet too chubby.


This product gets a 4/5 for me. The taste is amazing, and the addition of useable recipes was a great touch.

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