Nature's Nutrition Super Celery - Product Review

The product I am going to be giving a review on must admittedly be one of the most unique products I have ever come across when it comes to supplementation. The Nature’s Nutrition Super Celery takes this highly acclaimed super food and concentrates it into a quick to digest powder that can be made into a smoothie or shake, allowing you to get an incredible range of benefits that most people seek when eating celery.

About the product

As stated above, this is another form of greens powder that can be used as a shake or part of smoothie. What makes this product unique, however, is the fact that it is a single vegetable concentrate vs other green shakes, which are a combination of super vegetables. There is an entire school of thought around eating celery simply for its incredible benefits. By an entire school I mean absolute fanatics of the vegetable that eat it raw or as part of a daily snack simply to get everything this vegetable offers. These benefits are:

  • It's an incredible source of vital antioxidants
  • It reduces inflammation
  • It aids in digestion
  • It's packed with vitamins and minerals
  • It's remarkably low on the glycemic index
  • Its alkalizing affects on the body (aiding the body in balancing its ph levels)

In order to get roughly the same number of vitamins and benefits from eating raw celery as opposed to a single serving of Nature’s Nutrition Super Celery, you would need to eat about 120g of celery. This is a lot of celery to eat considering how light it is on a scale and how bitter it is as a food. Yet a single (almost teaspoon sized) serving of this powder will get you all the same benefits and more in one super concentrated product.


When it comes to taking greens shakes, one must understand that unless it has been artificially flavoured with a very strong flavouring, greens powders generally taste less than pleasant as a stand alone shake. However, this product offers the unique benefit of having an extremely low serving size. It packs an extraordinarily massive punch in such a tiny package (or serving, as it were). I had this product as part of an apple and pear smoothie, and it went down like a dream. The colour came out as a typical freaky green shake, but the flavour was almost unnoticeable.

It also blended really well with a protein shake. Again, the colour was a bit strange, but I could hardly taste or feel that “soily” texture that is typical of a greens shake. So, for those without a blender at home, mixing this in with your whey shake is definitely a feasible option.


The recommended serving size of this powder is 8g. Yup, just a mere 8 grams to get the same benefits that may or may not even come from eating 120g of the actual food (a massive money and taste saver in my eyes). You get all the fibre needed for digestion as well as all the nutrients one can hope for due to its concentrated nature.  


Final score, this product was 4,5 out 5 for me: due to its extremely unique nature in taking an extremely bitter but beneficial vegetable and concentrating it, making its serving size small for the power it packs, making its texture unnoticeable and making it easy to go down in tandem with shakes or smoothies. This is an extremely stellar product.


Nature's Nutrition Super Celery

Nature's Nutrition Super Celery is a 100% organic whole food blend rich in phytonutrients. Potent antioxidants provide anti-inflammatory support, protecting the body's cells, blood vessels and organs from oxidative damage. This alkalising formula aids detoxification, healthy digestion and weight management while serving as a mild diuretic. Every scoop offers cardiovascular and neurological support, helping to reduce blood pressure while boosting energy, stamina and overall health. 

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