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Intra-workout nutrition has become a hot topic in recent years and supplement companies have launched a whole host of various intra-workout products for people to choose from. I am a massive fan of having intra-workout cocktails that incorporate both simple carbs and BCAA structures into it so I decided to give the NPL Intra Load a try.

About the product

First off, NPL Intra Load is a fully stacked intra-workout formula that combines all of my favourite elements of intra-workout nutrition into a single product. It consists of maltodextrin, cyclic dextrin, whey isolate and a fully dosed 2:1:1 formulation of BCAAs. On top of that, it triples down by adding glutamine, beta-alanine and an electrolyte matrix that is sure to keep your going through a gruelling session and really hold off that workout fatigue that many of us experience during intense sessions.

When I say that the ingredients used are fully dosed, I mean that. You are getting almost 3g of BCAAs that have been coupled with a complete whey isolate. You have almost 3g of glutamine and 3g of beta-alanine. In total, you are getting about 14g of protein per serving and 20g of simple carbs. For those who are worried about cortisol spikes during training and want to counteract it with a massive insulin spike, then this product will do exactly that. 

Additionally, this product only uses 141 calories per serving. So, if you are not to broken up about using calories on a supplement rather than food, then this will fit in nice and easy into your daily caloric budget.


I really felt that taking this product mid-workout was a great pick-me-up. This is especially true for me due to the fact that I am currently cutting and tend to burn out quite quickly during my sessions. For those going on calorically restrictive diets, this product will do wonders for you if fatigue out fast during a session.  

Secondly, the taste of this product was absolutely amazing. I used the litchi flavour and it tasted like a dream. It also mixed in really well with the water and was easy to drink, even mid-session. Intra-workout products tend to leave you feeling bloated and sluggish due to their thick mixability, but I did not struggle with this in the slightest. It went in, settled well, and did not slow me down. Keep in mind that I did not just down it. I sipped on it during my session from the 20 minutes mark and finished it in about 10 or 15 minutes.


NPL Intra Load has a serving suggestion of 40g, which seems like a lot to put into workout drink. However, its easy mixability makes it really easy to digest. Besides, for this serving you are getting a whole host of vital nutrients that are extremely useful, so it is well worth it.


As an intra-workout supplement, I give this product a perfect score of 5/5. Its taste, mixability and constituents are all on point and you will find it at an extremely affordable price for what you are getting. This product definitely takes the cake as an intra-workout supplement.


NPL Intra Load

NPL Intra Load is sipped on during your workout for increased endurance and muscle recovery.

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