NPL Vita Pack - Product Review

A good multivitamin is a hard thing to find.  Fortunately, NPL is one of the few companies that has developed a multivitamin stack that goes well over and beyond in terms of providing all the little the things that your body needs to function at its best.

The NPL Vita Pack is a complete combination of essential micronutrients that the body uses to perform at its best. Its primary constituents are made up of a multivitamin and a multimineral complex. Both of these contain minerals and vitamins that are dosed well beyond what you would find in a regular multivitamin which is great for high performance athletes.

Along with these powerhouse complexes, there is an antioxidant complex that couples with digestive enzyme support minerals. These ensure that you have what you need to support optimal blood oxidation and have the digestive support that your body needs to take in everything that it is getting on a daily basis.

Finally, you have extreme joint support in the form of Omega 3 fatty acids, MSM and glucosamine. The combination of these 3 allows for more intense joint support and to help give joints the right amount nutrient support that they will need to perform well and stave off injury.

There are some additional ingredients in the form of an adrenal support complex and some amino acids. These all make the cherry on the cake that is this overwhelmingly abundant product.


For the average gym goer, this product may be slight overkill. However, for any hardcore or high-performance level athlete, this pack would prove to be invaluable.

The number of vitamins and minerals used during strenuous activity would require a much higher than normal vitamin and mineral intake amount. Additionally, athletes of this level are generally eating in accordance with their goals and having a digestive and antioxidant complex would assist greatly in nutrient absorption as well as alleviate negative impacts of high blood oxidations from extended periods of hard training and activity.

The only downside one could see from this is that each pack contains a total of 8 capsules. This is everything you would need on a daily basis to perform at your best, but some people just do not care much for multiple capsules. So, if you are quite anti-pill then this product might be hard to swallow despite its immensely enormous benefits.


NPL Vita Pack has a total of 30 mini packs each containing 8 capsules with the full array minerals, nutrients and vitamins that were listed above. That is 1 for each day of the week before you have to replenish. It is highly recommended that you use the whole mini pack per day to get the most amount of benefit from this product.


This product scores in at a 4.5/5. The benefits from such an array of nutrients are absolutely staggering. The only slight issue would be the amount of pills you would have to consume if you are one that does not like pills. However, if this is not a problem for you, then it is well worth the cash.



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