Nutritech Amino Pre - Product Review

There’s no shortage of diversity or choice when it comes to pre-workout products on supplement store shelves and it is no secret that trying to choose one that is just right for you can be a really long game of trial and error. I managed to get hold on 3 different pre-workout cocktails that I had planned to try out and the first of those was the NutriTech Amino Pre.

About the product

Unlike your typical pre-workout mix, this product consists of not only your usual pre-workout ingredients but a healthy dose of amino acids as well (hence the name). Amino Pre has between 10g - 15g of amino acids (depending on the recommended serving size) and this could be useful for a number of reasons:

  • Users of this pre-workout blend might be looking for a small energy pick up that does not involve just stimulants, but calorically valued amino acids that act as a feasible energy source before a workout.
  • Amino acids have been known to spike insulin levels upon consumption (much higher than a few High GI carb sources). So those looking to train with prior insulin spikes might find this benefit from Amino Pre.

Besides the common pre-workout ingredients (like beta-alanine and caffeine), the amino profile consists of leucine, tyrosine, taurine and even citrulline. Not only that, but as I mentioned above, it comes in quite hefty doses as well. This ensures that you are definitely not underdosed per serving, if the constituents of this product are what you are looking for.


Despite having a great range of ingredients and useful pre (and even intra) workout components, I did feel that the taste of Amino Pre lacked slightly. It was not horrible per say, but it definitely left me with that “woooooohh!!!!” feeling after taking it (similar to having a strong shot). Now that is not to say that that is necessarily a bad thing. I know tons of guys and gals who actually look for that in a pre-workout drink. That just isn’t my preferred cup of tea. Out of all the flavours though, I found that the Arctic Blast was my favourite flavour of the range.

Its mixability with water does take time as well.  If you mix it, shake it, and drink it straight after, you will find that it has a level of foam that forms at the top of the water line. I found that the workaround for this was either to shake it, put it in the fridge and wait a few minutes (so that it became a cold juicy drink) or to gently mix in the powder with a spoon. If you are not a fan of the foamy development, then using one of these two mixing alternatives might be useful for you. 

It is useful to note that the beta-alanine concentration in this pre-workout is enough to give you paraesthesia (commonly known as the buzz). For those who are not fans of this tingling sensation, I would recommend using a smaller dose. However, there are plenty of lifters who revel in this feeling, making this product a great fit for them.


This product has 2 recommended serving sizes. The first is a two-scoop dose of 12g. The second is a 3-scoop dose of 18 grams. If you are looking for a milder push in terms of pre-workout stimulation, then the 2-scoop serving is a good fit for you. Furthermore, taking this serving size will give you about 45 days’ worth of product from the tub. On the other hand, if you are looking for a stronger kick, the 3-scoop serving is the way to go. This serving size will give you about 30 days’ worth of pre-workout per tub.


This product gets a 3.5 out of 5 for me. Its constituents are great and definitely feel more alive during my workouts as a result. The taste and foaminess are the short falls for me, unfortunately. I do see this product as a wild card that would go great with some people and not so much with others. I would definitely recommend that you try it for yourself and see where you stand with it.


Nutritech Amino Pre

NUTRITECH AMINO PRE is formulated with a unique blend of Essential Amino Acids, Branched Chain Amino Acids, Electrolytes, Beta-Alanine and Caffeine. AMINO PRE combines the benefits of these key ingredients with a double shot of Caffeine to bring you a refreshing drink, suitable for anytime of the day and designed to help boost your energy and focus levels during times of increased mental and physical exertion. Energize. Focus. Recover.

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