Nutritech Heavy-Duty Whey - Product Review

Nutritech is a brand that is well known for its rather diverse range of supplements. This is especially true when it comes to its protein powders and today’s review takes a trip down that avenue. I got hold of the Nutritech Heavy-Duty whey and decided to give it a shot to see how it varies from the other whey protein powders that Nutritech has.

About the product:

First off, the base composition of this whey protein is a typical blend of whey concentrate and isolate. It has all the regular amino acid profiles that you would come to know and expect from a whey protein. In this sense, it is mainly no different than any other whey protein that you would typically take.

However, this whey does vary from others due to the fact that it has a few extra ingredients that have been thrown into the mix.

Firstly, we have a small amount of creatine that has been packed into this whey. As you will know, creatine is mother nature’s superpower formula and is easily the most useful and effective supplement on the market. That gives this whey an extra power and recovery kick that you will not find in your typical whey protein mixes.

Secondly, it has an additional amount of boron and glycine. Boron is a supplement which may give you an additional testosterone boost. Glycine is a great antioxidant and a component of creatine, giving the creatine in this whey an extra edge.


Now usually one would find that whey protein concentrates leave you feeling either bloated or a little unsettled. I did not get that once with this protein mix. It feels like it was refined carefully and made well. It mixed very smoothly with water and I never once experienced any clumps of powder not mixing with water.

As for its texture and taste, these were both absolutely first class. The mixture with the water was not too thick or too thin. It was exactly right and went down my throat quite pleasantly. The taste was great too. I used the vanilla soft serve flavour and it really was not too overpowering or sugary-tasting like other flavours of whey concentrate.


Nutritech Heavy-Duty whey has a typical serving suggestion of 32g. In this serving, you are getting 23g of protein as well as 2g of creatine, 2g of glycine and 5mgs of boron. If you take 2 servings a day, you will get a full daily dose of creatine and boron and a hefty amount of protein to help hit your daily protein goals.


The Nutritech Heavy-Duty whey was an absolute pleasure for me to use. I give this product a 4.5/5. Nutritech generally has a hit and miss score when it comes to their ambitions regarding various protein powders, but they really managed to nail it with this particular product.



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