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If you have not already, go have a look at the protein powder article here on the Health Twin page for the lowdown on various whey protein supplements. For this review we had a look at whey protein isolate. Whey isolate is a more refined, more micronised form of whey that packs with it the added benefit of having more protein in it per 30g serving. I gave the Nutritech Whey Isolate a shot this month and I was pleasantly surprised.  

About the product

Quick crash course on whey isolate: they go through an extra refinement step during their production process and have a lot of fillers removed. As a result, they way less fat and carbs in them when compared to a regular whey concentrate. Additionally, they are slightly lower in calories than other forms of whey powders, are easier to digest and have way more protein in them.   

This particular whey isolate from Nutritech came with a whopping 1g of carbs and an almost non-existent fat profile. You can almost call it pure protein. The amino profiles are also pretty much more complete, so you can be sure that you are hitting a decent leucine quota when taking this product, for example.

Keep in mind though that whey isolates are typically slightly more expensive than whey concentrates but it is worth it if you suffer from lactose intolerance issues or general indigestion when compared to whey concentrate.


One of the main reasons why people will opt to use whey protein isolate is to avoid the indigestion problems that other whey protein products sometimes come with. Not once, did I experience any feelings or unsettlement or discomfort in my stomach once I had taken my shake. I also had no gas issues.  It went in, settled well and I felt fine. As an isolate, Nutritech did a good job in making sure that this whey had fulfilled its expectation as an isolate.

Whey protein isolates are also known for having an extremely poor flavour profile. The extra refinement step that they undergo generally leaves them being tasteless or just plain disgusting. However, this product had a mild and welcoming flavour compared to most isolates and might even be preferable for some people when compared to that rich and robust flavour that you get from whey concentrates. It mixed well and tasted quite good.


Nutritech Isolate has a typical serving suggestion of 30g. However, you are getting 25g of protein per serving which is extremely high. Per tub there are 23 servings which should keep you going for a month if you are only using this as a post workout shake (provided you are not being reckless and training hard every day).


This product gets a well-deserved 4/5 from me. I am generally not the biggest fan of whey isolates but, as I said at the beginning of this review, I was pleasantly surprised. I would definitely recommend this product.


Nutritech NT Isolate

The ideal choice to support athletic muscle recovery, NT ISOLATE™ contains only 106 calories, 5.2 grams naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids and all 9 Essential Amino Acids packed into every single serving. NT ISOLATE™ mixes easily, tastes great and is fast absorbing, perfect to gulp down post workout.

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