Nutritech Vegan Gorilla Gainer - Product Review

This one was an absolutely brand new one for me. Firstly, we all know that mass gainers are one of the prime supplements for calorie stacking in the supplement game. Secondly, vegan products have been taking the world by storm, and the supplement industry is not excluded in this. However, I have never come across a vegan mass gainer before, so I was quite interested to see what that product was made of.

About the product:

Starting of with the constituents of this product, the fundamental three basics of a mass gainer were all present in this product: a good source of protein, fast acting high GI carbs and creatine for that extra strength and recovery boost.

The protein in this product was fundamentally sourced from pea protein and made into a pea protein isolate. With each serving of this gainer, you would be getting 28g protein which is a whole lot more protein than you find in any other 100g single serving of mass gainer out there.

The fast-acting carbohydrate element was filled using arguably the best and most efficient fast acting carb on the market, cluster dextrin (or otherwise known as cyclic-dextrin). Additionally, each serving is loaded with 69g of the stuff, so you could definitely be expecting fast absorbing action from this product.

Along with the 3g of creatine boost you get per serving. This product is stacked with all the most important minerals and vitamins to help keep those profiles stocked and check.


It goes without saying that there are generally going to be two groups of people who would opt to usen this product. Obviously, the vegan community would choose to use this product but for those who suffer with digestion and indigestion issues you get from normal mass gainers, this vegan mass gainer will be easier on your stomach due to the lack of lactose.

Now, for what you are getting, this product is great and is quite loaded on the fundamental macronutrients that you need. However, what I did find missing from this product was a list of the amino acid profiling that you would typically find on other protein-based products. This is a bit of a concern as vegan products are generally short on the amino acids necessary to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, which is important if you are on the road to building more muscle. Supplementing the missing links with a BCAA product would be a recommendation here.


Nutritech’s Vegan Gorilla Gainer has a serving size of 100g. These tubs generally come in 1kg or 4kg loads. The price, however, is very reasonable so you will not be mowing through your budget to keep this product in your home.


As a mass gainer, I give this product a score of 3.5/5. I am all for vegan products and I thought this was extremely innovative. On the other hand, this would be a much better product if we had certainty on the amino profiles or if it were supplemented with the necessary BCAA’s in the event that those amino profiles are low.

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