Nutritech Vegan Protein - Product Review

If you are someone who is seriously into sports, fitness and performance, you know how important it is to get an adequate amount of protein into your daily nutrient regiment. Having a whey protein powder on hand is something that generally goes without saying. However, whey has a noticeable amount of lactose in it and not everyone could care too much for it. Those who opt to live the vegan and/or vegetarian lifestyle would still love to get the benefits and conveniences of whey while adhering to their lifestyle choices. Cue Nutritech’s Vegan Protein, a supplement that manages to fill this gap quite well.

About the product:

If you haven’t already, be sure to have read a through the “Wheying Up Your Options” article on this page’s education article’s section for the full run down of how vegan plant-based protein powders work. For now, though, here are the quick points of this particular product:

  • This product is lactose and milk product free.
  • Prevents bloating and gut-irritability that you would usually find with a whey.
  • The protein count is higher than regular whey protein per serving of the same amount.
  • It is still extremely low calorie and minimalist on fillers.
  • Contains a vast and well-stocked amino acid profile.

This product really does a great job at matching up to a whey protein despite the general shortcomings of a regular vegan protein powder.


One of the main reasons why people generally opt to use Nutritech’s protein powders is because the array and assortment of flavours almost always taste good. And, if one flavour is not your preferred cup of tea, then there are still a host of either basic or eccentric flavours to choose from. With this plant-based vegan protein, the rule still applies. There are great-tasting flavours to choose from and they really deliver on that without messing with plant-based element of it all.

Additionally, the consistency far surpasses that of other plant-based powders on the market. It mixes well, goes down smoothly and really eliminates most of the “soily and sandy” texture and aftertaste that would generally find with other plant-based protein powders.


Nutritech Vegan Protein has a typical serving suggestion of 30g, like most whey protein powders. However, you are getting 25g of protein per serving which is extremely high compared to other plant-based and even whey protein powders on the market. Each tub generally comes with 28 servings which is enough to last you a month if you choose to go with a single serving per day. If you choose to go for more, it is still incredibly cost-effective.


This product gets a definitely earns a 4/5 from me due to the fact that it does a great job of substituting a whey protein without skipping a beat in terms of quality and flavour.

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