ON Gold Standard Pre-Workout - Product Review

This week I had the pleasure of sampling the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-workout and I must say that it was a real pleasure to give this one a whirl.

About the product:

Optimum Nutrition really spares no expense in the creation of their products and ensuring that what they put out is pure quality. Their pre-workout is no exception to this standard.

Now, a lot of people would expect a pre-workout from such a renowned brand to be a raging inferno of hardcore ingredients that provide out of this world mental prowess and pumps that tear sleeves. However, this pre-workout takes a milder and more refined approach with its formulation and handling.  

The ingredients are balanced but have exactly the performance enhancers you need. These include beta-alanine, citrulline, tyrosine and even L-carnitine. All these ingredients in combination work as excellent performance boosters for your session.

Furthermore, a healthy dose of creatine has been added in there to ensure strength and recovery are at their peak as well while a hefty amount of caffeine has been added to make sure your mental game is performing at its peak.


The thing that jumps out at you right from the get-go is how smooth this pre-workout is. Nothing is overdone and it honestly feels like everything has been balanced perfectly. You cannot even distinguish between its individual ingredients.

The flavour is quite refined and at no point does it feel like an additive was just carelessly tossed in there to give it flavour. Additionally, it mixes so smoothly. Once it has been mixed with the appropriate amount of water, the powder blends easily with the water. This gives it the perfect juice flavour and texture. Nothing sticks out or fights for dominance. It really works so well.


A typical serving of this pre-workout is 11g and the container has 30 servings. This should easily last you a month. For a pre-workout to pack all the essential performance boosters into a small dose like this is quite remarkable. The pricing for this pre-workout is also extremely affordable for the renown that is Optimum Nutrition. 


Gold Standard Pre-Workout is a well put together pre-workout that really excels in its quality assurance. Its only pitfall is that it is quite a mild pre-workout that seems to cater for the individual that is looking for a gentle push rather than a powerful rush. This is the only reason I give this pre-workout a 4.5/5 rather than a perfect score. Otherwise, this one pre-workout that is definitely worth giving a go.



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