SSA Enduro X - Product Review

This product places itself a little differently from the products that have been reviewed before. SSA Supplements Enduro X is a supplement that finds its fit in the endurance performance world of sport and physical activity. Obviously, it can be used as intra-workout nutrition to help with long bouts of gym performance, so we will have a look at how it worked.

About the product:

The ingredients for this product, right off the bat, set themselves up as a performance fueler for any form of strenuous activity that would seem to cause a loss of energy or induce some fatigue as the physical activity continued.

The fast acting carbohydrate mixture is comprised of the 3 greats of intra-workout nutrition: Dextrose, Maltodextrin and Waxy Maize. All three of these have found their place in the world of mid performance activity supplementation but brought together as one they way SSA Supplements does make them a lethal combination. Additionally, this carbohydrate mixture is blended together by a mild dose of BCAAs.

 The final cherry on the cake, that is this supplement, is the electrolyte matrix coupled with the performance boosting ingredients like beta-alanine, taurine and glutamine. 

The mixture of all these ingredients into one complete intra-workout blend makes this an intra-workout that really claims its name as a top notch supplement.


From reading the ingredients alone I knew that taking this product as mid-workout supplementation would really serve its name for endurance quite well.

As a mentioned above though, this product in not designed for just the working out in the gym. Sportsman could most definitely benefit from the product when performing at their craft. I have heard of a number of rowers who have used the product to really up their fuelling game for their practices and even matches too.

As for the taste and texture, SSA Supplements managed to nail it once again. Their powdered supplements really seem to be hitting that perfect mixture to water blend to create smooth and great texture. It makes this an intra-workout one that will not impede your training sessions. It mixes well with the water and goes down incredibly quickly and easily.


The typical serving of this intra-workout product is 30g or 1 scoop per serving. This is not a lot compared to other intra-workout the package comes in a tub that will give you around 25 servings per product. So, if you are extremely reliant on intra-workout supplementation then you may need to buy 2 of these products per month.


As an intra-workout supplement, I would give this product a 4/5. It really has great taste and a remarkably useful ingredient profile that definitely makes it top notch.  



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