SSA Supplements Alpha Nitrox - Product Review

As a lot of you may know, SSA Supplements has an entire array of pre-workout mixtures and cocktails that are designed to suit the needs of athletes and gym-goers from every facet of the performance sphere. The Hellfire series, for example, is pretty stacked. However, they are mostly stimulant based and some of the ingredients you would usually find in a stim-free pre-workout are not present. Both stim based and stim-free pre-workouts are amazing so it all boils down to what you are looking for. For the purposes of this review, we had a look at one of SSA Supplement’s stim-free pre-workout mixtures, Alpha Nitrox.

About the product:

Alpha Nitrox is a very straight and to the point pre-workout that uses the effects of simple and straight-to-the-point ingredients. The two main components of Alpha Nitrox are Arginine and Citrulline.

Arginine is the ingredient that many will know as the “pump” inducing ingredient. Whenever you see a pre-workout with the title NOS, Nitro X, or Nitric Oxide, it usually refers to this ingredient. It works by assisting the blood vessels in relaxing. As a result, blood circulation within the body is improved and a host of benefits from that process soon follow suit (including things such as improved nutrient transport and so on). Mainly though, the improved circulation assists in giving sleeve-busting pumps and immense blood concentration in the working muscle groups.

The second ingredient, Citrulline, has a host of purported benefits including the ability to boost your overall performance in the gym. Additionally, it compounds the effects of Nitric Oxide build up within the body during stress and staves off muscle fatigue during rigorous exercise. It is an amazing pre-workout ingredient that really should be in every pre-workout cocktail.


If you are the type of person that is extremely sensitive to stim-based pre-workouts, then this workout will do you good. A dose or two of this will really help improve your overall performance in the gym.

If you are looking for the benefits of a Nitric Oxide boost or just want a bigger pump while using the energy stimulating effects of a Hellfire, for example, the stacking this onto Hellfire will give you an exponential boost in your performance levels. Your drive will already be boosted from the stims and the blood and performance boost you get from Alpha Nitrox will compound those effects. Essentially, this will make you stronger and help you push harder for longer.


A typical 4 tab serving of this product will provide you with 1000mg dose of both Arginine and Citrulline each. However, if you want to receive proper benefits from these two powerful ingredients, you will need to take at least 3 servings at once. This part of Alpha Nitrox is a bit wanting but the price is quite affordable for what you are taking and if you want to stock up on more.


SSA Supplements Alpha Nitrox scores a 3/5 for me. The ingredients are fantastic, but the dosing is sub-par. Needing to take a heap of tablet to experience the benefit from it will not be favourable at all to the crowd that hates pills.  

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