SSA Supplements Ganic-F Pump - Product Review

Most of us who have been in the lifting game for some time will remember the original Ganic-F that Supplements SA came out with back in the day. It was a massive pump producer and a great locally produced pre-workout. However, since the branding relaunch of SSA Supplements, many of the original products have been changed and reformulated. Ganic-F Pump was no exception to this. I was excited to give the new Ganic a shot and see how it squared up to the original.

About the product:

Ganic-F has been renowned as one of SSA Supplement’s flagship pre-workouts for years and years. In particular, it was known for its massive pump producing effects. The pump production with this new formulation is mostly due to the combination of Glycerol, Betaine, Glycine and Citrulline. These four ingredients have been known to help produce amazing pumps during intense workout sessions. These work by creating increased volume in your blood cells and upping the blood flow into the muscle tissues being used the most.

Additionally, the new Ganic-F Pump formulation has been made with ingredients that are great for upping the training performance of its users. The two main ingredients that work for this purpose are creatine and beta-alanine. Creatine is nature’s superpower formula and helps increase strength and power during sessions while Beta-Alanine helps push back fatigue and create longer lasting training endurance in the muscles being used.


The problem with the original Ganic-F formulation was its poor mixability and taste. It never really blended well with water and as a result, it would muddle the taste it was trying to go for – making it difficult to swallow. The new formulation has largely addressed this and has produced a powder that mixed quite well with water and was so much easier to sip through rather than having to open wide and gulp down an entire serving just to get it in.

As for the gym pumps… Let’s just say that it was everything that you would expect from a pump producer and more. My training sessions were really quite intense and the pumps and vascularity I was able to produce was nothing short of impressive.

The only tiny issue I had with it was that the powder would be clumpy in some places but it really wasn’t too bothersome. Once it mixed with the water, it blended in well all the same.


A typical serving size of this pre-workout is 16g (or 1 scoop) and each container has around 37 servings in it per tub. This means that if you train 5 times a week on average, it will last you for just over 7 weeks. Obviously, there are those occasions where you may need a double scoop if you want to go hard and it is quite safe to do so with this pre-workout.  



SSA Supplements really did a great job at revamping this golden classic of a pre-workout. The taste, the mixture and the pump were all really great. The only minor downsides were the small areas of clumped powder in the tub. But overall, I give the new Ganic-F Pump a 4/5.

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