SSA Supplements Superior Cal-Mag+ - Product Review

Cal-Mag is dietary supplement that has gained a tremendous amount popularity as a supplement that is a great aid for bone strengthening and alleviating muscle cramps. SSA Supplements has come out with its own brand of Cal-Mag and I decided to give it a go.

About SSA Supplements Superior Cal-Mag+

For those who are unfamiliar with the general effect and purpose of Cal-Mag, here is a quick briefing:

Cal-Mag is a great support for bone health. Obviously, you can get calcium in from a variety of dairy sources, but the amount needed is quite vast. Cal-Mag from SSA Supplements provides you with just over 60% of your daily calcium needs to help strengthen your bones. Additionally, magnesium helps play a key role in converting vitamin D into its active form which plays an essential role in helping the absorption of calcium into the body.

On top of assisting with the alleviation of muscle cramps, Cal-Mag has been known to greatly aid in the improvement of sleep. A large variety of studies have shown that magnesium helps stimulate your body’s parasympathetic nervous system. As a result, this helps you feel calmer and more relaxed. Cal-Mag also contains zinc in it as well which, in combination with magnesium, assists with the melatonin release in your body and improves sleep quality.


SSA Supplements really has a great range of dietary pills that help aid in getting in all your essential and non-essential but extremely useful minerals, vitamins and other powerful supplements as well.

The capsules are your standard-sized pills, but the presentation is very well done and looks phenomenal. They have also been packaged extremely well as that concentrated mineral smell is not present in the bottle, making it easier for people who get grossed out by pill smells easier to get down.


Cal-Mag has a total of 60 caps in it and a serving size of two caps. This makes it a product that can easily last you for an entire month. The pricing of this product is also incredibly affordable for its dosing and serving size.


This SSA Supplements Cal-Mag scores a solid 4.5 out of 5 for me. Being an extremely useful, well-dosed, long lasting and affordable supplement all in one go makes this an incredible product to keep in your supps cupboard.


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