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TNT Intense Pump - Product Review


Finally getting to the third round of my July pre-workout review, we have TNT Intense Pump. Contrary to the other pre-workouts I have reviewed, this one is a stimulant free mixture. Let us get into it.

About the product:

Right off the bat, I will say that Intense Pump was the strongest of all the three pre-workouts I trained with in terms of the pump it produced. As a stim-free pre-workout, Intense Pump has a very heavily loaded pump matrix which makes it great for users who are looking for great workout pumps.

Its constituents and their doses are definitely worthy of making it a top rate local pre-workout formulation. It has 6g of citrulline (which is exceedingly rare), 4g of creatine and 3g of beta-alanine. These three ingredients together in combination make this pre-workout excellent for training performance and endurance.

As a pump-producer this pre-workout has 2.5g of taurine, allowing users to get an insane pump from their sessions.  The amino acid complex of this pre-workout does give it a high calorie count compared to other pre-workout formulas so if you are calorie conscious, you may want to take this into account.


Intense Pump has an extremely strong flavour. The serving suggestion recommends that you have it with 400ml of water. However, I would recommend having a lot more water with it as it tastes like you are having a concentrated juice mix if you use the 400ml of water. I am in no way bashing the taste of this as it tastes just fine. You just need to use more water to “dilute” it a little more.

It mixes well and is quite smooth going down the throat. But more importantly, this pre-workout definitely gave me a great workout and I felt energised throughout the entirety of my session. I had a great pump and I was able to push a little harder and for longer as well. Furthermore, I was able to use this pre-workout during a late afternoon training session and still have a great night’s sleep that evening.


Intense Pump has a serving suggestion of 27g, which is quite a lot compared to other pre-workout mixes. Just a reminder that you need to use more water than recommended if you are not one for extremely strong tastes.


As a stim-free pre-workout, this product gets a 4/5. It took a remarkably close second place next to Strain for me but simply because I prefer stimulant-laden pre-workouts. That being said, this is still an excellent product with amazing ingredients which are fully dosed.