TNT Mercury Black Mass Protein Bar - Product Review

With the arrival of protein bars making their way onto supplement shelves as a go-to meal replacement, TNT has developed its own version of a protein bar – The Black Mass Protein Bar. I got a few a tried them out myself. Here is what I thought: 

About the product:

As a protein bar, talking about calories and macros is inevitably the first thing one would look at. The Black Mass bars pack a punch of approximately 350 calories per bar. In no way is this bar a low carb bar either as it has a macros split that is actually well-rounded – 25g of protein, 30g of carbs and 17 grams of fat. This bar is fully loaded on the nutritional side and definitely cannot be considered a low-calorie bar. However, it is one that will help you hit certain macro goals if you are missing meals in your day.

Secondly, the bar is a thick 100g bar. It is quite filling as well and is very chewy, making it an excellent meal replacement snack.


The Black Mass bar has a pretty decent consistency and texture for a protein bar. The bars that I had did not have any issues with melting out and sticking to the wrapper or anything of this nature. Due to the texture and thickness of this bar, it was easy to find the entire bar quite filling and satiating.

The flavour was fine as well for both the Choc-Nut Brownie and the Vanilla Caramel Ice Cream. Nothing was overtly over the top in terms of creating a balanced flavour and it went down smoothly as a result.

Finally, using it as a meal replacement seemed to work quite well, especially as an on-the-go snack. When I had these bars, it was a pretty busy period for me where I had to constantly be on the move from one place to another. So, whipping one out in the car while I was driving to another client, came in handy instead of having a full meal in the car.

For people who are extremely busy and struggle finding time to put something down that is both nutritionally filling and satiating, this bar would definitely come in handy.


I would give this bar a 3,5 out 5. It is not a low-carb, low calorie snack so it will not fit in well for people who are on low calorie diets. However, it does its job as a good meal replacement and the flavour and texture are pretty decent as well.

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