USN Hyperbolic Mass- Product Review


It is time to circle back around and look at one of the most basic products that most newcomers to the gym scene first glance at – the mass gainer. Between various companies, the structural formula of a mass gainer is pretty much the same, bar a few slight differences here and there. So, for this one we decided to take a look at one of the OG’s of the mass gainer range – USN’s Hyperbolic Mass.

About the product:

Right off the bat, it is important to note that this product is, by every sense, a calorie bomb (meaning that 1 serving of USN’s Hyperbolic Mass has whole lot of calories in it). However, by no means is this a bad thing at all. Calories means materials for growth and this product has all the right calories from good sources to make sure you have the right materials to build a great physique.

Per serving, you are looking at getting 52g of protein and well over 200g of carbs. Some may consider this to be a total overload on these macros but that will vary from person to person.

Additionally, this product comes loaded with a creatine matrix that is designed to support speedy recovery and additional gains in strength and volume. It also has a few amino acids that boost gym performance such as beta-alanine, which will markedly improve your fatigue levels and lifting endurance as well.


Alright, so who is this kind of product for? 

Firstly, the caloric size of 1 serving of this mass gainer is absolutely immense. If you are on the bulk or are a skinny newbie, then a mass gainer would do you well but looking fluffy and soft is not the goal. Therefore, being vigilant while taking this product is absolutely key in making sure you do not just get fat. It is sometimes recommended that you partition the one serving and split it into 2 servings. However, this depends on each person’s individual metabolic nature. If you are having 1 serving a day and are still staying super lean and not growing, then bumping it up to 1 and half servings or even 2 servings may help. You just have to keep an eye on what you look like. 

Secondly, mass gainers differ from whey protein. Whey proteins are far more calories controlled and focus on delivering a punch of protein while minimizing on the carb and fat content they have. That is not to say that you cannot use whey on a bulk. If you love food and would prefer to get your calories in through meals rather than a shake, then a whey protein will suit you just fine. However, some people really do not enjoy eating large meals frequently throughout the day, making a whey protein a better fit as a protein sparer during cutting cycles for individuals looking to maintain their har-earned muscle.


USN Hyperbolic Mass has a serving size of 4 scoops, which is where you will find that massive caloric bomb. However, as mentioned above, staying vigilant and keeping an eye on your condition is key here, so splitting it up or even taking a half serving can work out just fine for you. It all depends on the individual.


As a mass gainer, I give this product a perfect score of 4/5. Its taste great and, most importantly, it serves its function down to a T.

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