Vitatech Flu Fighters Stack - Product Review


Winter has set in properly at this point of the year and the yearly winter flu is busy making its rounds as we speak. Getting hold of a solid flu stack will play a vital role in helping you stay on the healthy side of the line. In lieu of this, I got hold of a Vitatech stack that consists of their Vitamin C, Immune Support and Vitamin D3 products.

About the products

If you go back to the review I did earlier last month on the Vitatech Vitamin C product, you will see everything you need to know about this product as a standalone. In combination with the Immune Booster and Vitamin D3, Vitamin C is a great flu fighter. 

Vitamin D3 is absolutely integral in facilitating the body’s most optimal immune functionality. According to several studies, this vitamin plays a big role in reducing the likelihood of you catching the season flu. I am generally prone to catching the flu in the middle of winter and I have managed to stay clear of that for the time being (which is rare for me). Clearly, the Vitamin D3 at work.

The immune booster has Vitamin A, an entire array of Vitamin B’s, a small dose of Vitamins C and E and other minerals (such as zinc) that assist with optimising your body’s basic immune system. It is quite packed with essentials needed to make this entire stack a potent one.

All of the above in tandem make an extremely potent stack against the cons of the winter season.


The entire Vitatech range has been nothing short of impressive, in my opinion. Their tablet sizes are quite small compared to other brands and their tablets. To add to that, they are significantly less pungent in terms of taste and smell. This makes these tablets significantly more palatable and easier to swallow for users.  

Additionally, you do not need to take hosts of pills to get an adequate dose of each product. One tablet per product is sufficient to get what you are looking for in order to get your flu fighter on (with the exception of the Vitamin C).


As I mentioned above, you only need one tablet per product, and this should last you for an entire 30-day cycle before you need to top up again. I will repeat that the vitamin C may need to be taken in a higher dose to get the full benefit from the entire stack and its compounding effects.

However, each product is extremely affordable and taking more pills than recommended (whether you feel like you require more or just for your sanity) is still something that will sit well within your budget.


Due to the fact that I have been able to stay ahead of the curve and stave off the winter flu (which, as I said earlier, is a very rare thing for me), I have decided to give this stack a solid 4,5 out of 5. I am able to continue working out hard during a notoriously sickly season and stay healthy even though training hard consistently is known to bash your CNS and make you more vulnerable to sicknesses.  


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