Vitatech Liver Support - Product Review

It is no surprise that taking liver health into account has become a priority in the health and fitness industry over the last decade or so. Many people are starting to pay more attention to what they consume and make efforts to try and keep their liver functionality in order. As such, Vitatech has developed a product called Liver Support and I decided to give it a run.

About Vitatech Liver Support

Vitatech Liver support is a 30 tablet container that is used as a complimentary daily supplement. It contains a host of vitamins and minerals that are used to help support liver health as well as edge out on other benefits too. These ingredients include vitamin A, B12, D3, E, iron, and milk thistle. 

The star ingredient of this product would definitely be the milk thistle. This powerful ingredient is well documented to act as a potent antioxidant that works to reduce the number of free radicals produced by your body. This process works as an extremely useful detoxifying agent that supports and aids the liver in its health and functionality.

Additionally, chronic liver disease is usually accompanied by iron deficiency anaemia. Those who have liver issues or err towards the side of this complication would need supplementary iron support and Vitatech Liver Support manages to provide just that. 

The combination of the other vitamins serves the function of ensuring that the body is able to produce sufficient energy and fight off fatigue. This allows your body (and especially liver) to remain healthy and functional.

As a whole, this product works to help the body store and release energy from foods and act as a supporting mechanism to your liver’s natural filtering purposes.


Once again, the Vitatech range manages to deliver with useful and drinkable pills in terms of size and potency. The tablet sizes are easy to work around and this liver support product manages to keep the pungent smell that other milk thistle products have to a bare minimum.

Those who generally concern themselves with liver health will be relieved by this product. By squeezing all the necessary ingredients into one tablet, Vitatech Liver Support gives you the ability to get what you need in liver support supplementation without having to buy a host of different vitamin pills.


Vitatech Liver Support provides you with one month’s worth of product. That is 30 tablets per container and at a serving size of 1 tablet a day, Vitatech delivers an affordable liver supporting supplement.

Those who are concerned that they are not getting enough vitamins from this, should not be using it as a stand-alone multivitamin, because that is not what this is. As such, it is recommended that you use this alongside other products in the Vitatech range such as the multivitamin and zinc, for example.


Vitatech Liver Support scores in at 3.5 out of 5. It serves its purpose and provides the components it seeks to provide for its users.


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