Vitatech Zinc - Product Review

Vitatech brings yet another essential that should be part of your everyday stack. Zinc is a primary mineral that plays a vital role in helping optimize important functions that the body needs to perform.

About the products:

Vitatech Zinc is a 30-tablet container that should be used to bolster your daily supplement routine. Zinc’s uses in functionality extend into the everyday sphere and is yet another member of the vitamin and mineral group that your body cannot naturally produce, making zinc an essential mineral.

Zinc is required for a number of processes in your body to be performed. These processes are things like various enzyme reactions, gene expression and DNA synthesis. Along with these, the body’s need for zinc extends into other areas of functionality as well, which we will explore below.


In terms of where we would find the most noticeable and practical use for zinc in our everyday lives, we would see benefits in the following area:

  • Zinc is needed for key stages related to your metabolism and digestion.
  • It aids in optimizing your immune system’s functionality.
  • It performs key functions in the activation of protein synthesis.
  • It enhances cell growth and body development.
  • It accelerates the wound healing process.
  • It is an important mineral for some of your body’s senses such as smell and taste.
  • It decreases inflammation in the body.


Vitatech Zinc provides you with one month’s worth of product. That is 30 tablets per container and at a serving size of 1 tablet a day. However, if you are consistently under heavy strain from rigorous physical activity, I would recommend taking two tablets daily.  


Vitatech Zinc is a straight shot practical product that gives you pure zinc in its most useful form. This product gets a 4/5 for basic practicality and efficiency.

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